Ravens Deep Cover

Book One in the Ravens Deep Trilogy

Ravens Deep brings together two unforgettable characters. Madeline Shaw and Darius Chamberlayne, their connection defies the boundaries of time and combines vampire superstition with a complex and modern love story.

Madeline, a young, aspiring writer, answers a magazine advertisement from the enigmatic Mr. Chambers. He is looking for long lost descendants in his family tree. She is quickly drawn into the mystery that surrounds his life, and accepts his invitation to stay at Ravens Deep, his remote house on Exmoor, in the South West of England. When a romantic, but seemingly supernatural encounter raises suspicion, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Darius, her reclusive neighbor. As Madeline’s feelings for Darius increase, her blood connections become apparent, and she is driven to unlock the unnerving legacy of Ravens Deep.

The use dark gothic imagery throughout this book only enhances the mystery surrounding Darius and the secret he has kept. A captivating and chilling romance that will make you question the depths and rules of love.