Book Two in the Ravens Deep Trilogy

Blood & Ashes is a vivid and powerful follow up to Ravens Deep. Layered in myth and vampire culture, it is set in London’s hidden world of underground tunnels where dangerous secrets are kept, and the beautiful and haunting scenery of Exmoor. A mixture of love, revenge and horror that takes the reader or an unexpected journey through the life of three enigmatic vampires.

Madeline has been given the kiss of death and so the new chapter begins.

With Darius to guide her it would seem that immortality might be bearable. Driven by a force she does not fully understand, she carelessly disregards Darius’s warnings and succumbs to her treacherous instinct. An unexpected turn of events leads her to London’s underground tunnels. There darkness rules, and terror awaits anyone that is lured to these hidden depths.

Madeline’s will to survive is tested to the limit, and she must risk everything to escape her captor and return to her beloved Darius and to Ravens Deep. Although, Madeline’s course of action, leads to an unfolding chain of events that have disastrous and heartbreaking consequences.

For there can be nothing more destructive than a dangerous and jealous vampire.