front-cover-of-the-beekeepers-daughter A Darkly Romantic Supernatural Thriller 

Published November 26th 2016


The Beekeeper’s Daughter is set on 19th century Exmoor in England, where the lives of the cottagers, blacksmiths and wealthy landowners entwine in this darkly romantic thriller.

Annabel Taylor is the Beekeeper’s Daughter, her inherent gift and the strange connection with her father’s bees is the dark undercurrent in this story.

Jevan Wenham, the son of the blacksmith, he lives his life on the verge of destruction; his devotion to Annabel is full of twists and turns as brutality meld with deepest desire.

Alex is the heir to the Saltonstall legacy and son of Cerberus Saltonstall, the wealthy landowner of the foreboding Gothelstone Manor house. Alex is arrogant and self-assured, although, he cannot stop thinking about the outspoken girl he encounters on the road to Gothelstone. Not only is he bewitched by Annabel’s beauty, he feels drawn to her by a strange connection.

Although, any relationship with Alex is difficult, socially they are worlds apart, and Annabel becomes caught up in a web of sinister intention. She is forced into an impossible situation, which leads Jevan to believe she has betrayed him. Regardless, that her decision saves him from the hang man’s noose.  As a devastating love triangle unfolds, disturbing revelations lead Annabel to a startling reality, where nothing is as it seems. She must bring to an end a diabolical intention, and use her natural ability to destroy the devastating legacy that has plagued the Saltonstall family for generations.